Congratulations to Blue Badge Company

Many, many congratulations to my client, the amazing Ellen Green of Blue Badge Company, which makes quality products here in the UK. Not only did Ellen enter the daunting Dragons’ Den on our TV screens this weekend: she won the scary Dragons’ hearts. (Yes, they do have hearts!)

Even more impressive than the offers of cash she extracted were the hardened experts’ praise for Ellen:

“I think you’re fab. I love the ethos of your business, I really do. You’ve done such a great job.” – Sarah Willingham

“You’ve done very well. I think you could own that marketplace.” – Peter Jones

“I love what you’re doing and I love the way that you’re doing it. I’m very impressed by the way that you’re completely on top of the numbers. That’s always a good sign.” – Nick Jenkins

“You’re cracking. You’re great. You’re all over it. You’re smart. You completely understand your market.” – Deborah Meaden

Well done Ellen.