Legal work

“You have provided insight and supported our growth from startup to an established SME selling globally.” – Sparkol

“Thanks Paul very much for your excellent work on this project. You have been unfailingly helpful, firm in defending our interests, flexible in finding solutions to our partner’s concerns, and prompt beyond the call of duty!. I really appreciate your efforts. The process has been demanding for a non-legal person like me but, as we have said before, crucial in actually working out what we actually want and need.” – Calvium

“Paul’s knowledge and understanding of his subject are clearly exemplary. His ability to explain with extreme clarity is a rare quality. His speed of response, his professional yet friendly manner, all combined with a sense of humour make it a pleasure to do business with him. It is most reassuring to be able to call upon an adviser of his calibre.” – Toracomm, now Powerwave UK

“A successful world class organisation like ours needs easy access to dependable professional advice. Paul has provided invaluable help as we introduced virtual reality training technology, world-wide e-business, and joint ventures with private sector partners.” – Fire Service College

“The legal service you are providing is first class.” – BNFL Magnox

“You continue to deliver the type of straightforward pragmatic advice that we are looking for.” – Interaction Development & Learning Consultancy

“Many thanks for your help. I shall not hesitate to reach for your professional assistance in the future.” – Guernsey Electricity

“I know that we could not have secured this outcome without your assistance. We found it reassuring that you were able to come so promptly to the College when the matter was raised. We would approach you with confidence should we need your services again.” – St Brendan’s Sixth Form College

“I have always felt entirely comfortable and confident in recommending you to our clients.” – Mewburn Ellis, Patent Attorneys

“Thank you for your professionalism, support and humour which made working together such a pleasure.” – Somerfield Stores

“I am most grateful to you, as is the rest of the team here, for your considerable help and expertise in dealing with this contract.” – South Hams District Council

“I am writing to thank you for the work you have done as a member of the intellectual property committee. I hope that you will continue to give us the benefit of your valuable experience in this field.” – The British Computer Society

Training and presentations

“Excellent course. Very practical and hands-on approach. Excellent speaker. It is nice to see speakers who actually work in the field and can bring actual experience to the class.” – Tenneco Automotive

“Thank you for your masterful delivery at our seminar. With such a complicated and difficult subject to deal with, you made a most interesting and highly informative presentation. This was reflected in the appreciation expressed in the delegates’ evaluation forms. We count ourselves especially fortunate to have had the benefit of your expertise on this occasion.” – Bristol Chamber of Commerce

“The comments were overwhelmingly positive and everyone got something from the session. There were several comments on the excellent level of knowledge which you brought to the subject.” – Altran

“Your presentation on inter-agency data sharing was very useful indeed. The feedback I had was excellent.” – Solicitors in Local Government

“You scored the highest number of ‘excellents’ in the audience assessment.” – Aonix

“I thought your talk was the highlight of the day. I think you carried it off very well.” – Jeremy Newton, leading IT lawyer and author, formerly UK senior lawyer and EMEA assistant general counsel at Sun Microsystems