Information technology

If your business involves supplying software or systems, you need a legally robust contract or you could be responsible for more than you realise. You could also face very large liabilities if things don’t go as smoothly as expected.

If your business is acquiring software or a system, you need a legally robust contract or you may not get what you are expecting and you may not receive appropriate compensation if it is late or defective.

Unfortunately, many IT contracts are not up to the legal standard required. Instead, they lead to frustration as lawyers argue over the meaning of impenetrable clauses.

I can help you negotiate any IT contract, large or small, complex or simple, and take care of all the associated legal work so that you have the legally robust contract you need. As one client said, “Your contract has been examined under a microscope and no one has found any cracks.” – BNFL Magnox

If you have already encountered problems, I can help you make the best of the situation. You will need a specialist lawyer for this as the legal position may be very different from what the contract says. The leading independent legal services directory Legal 500 has described me as a “leading individual” in the field of IT law.

Examples of previous work

  • A major and intensive contract negotiation for systems and services for the business-critical replacement of maintenance scheduling workflow systems for nuclear reactor sites – BNFL Magnox
  • A major contract negotiation for the acquisition and implementation of an electronic document and record management system – UK Home Office
  • The acquisition of a supercomputer, large-scale memory, and ancillary services – UK Meteorological Office
  • Several large IT acquisitions by a national supermarket, including mainframe systems, massively parallel processing projects, EPOS systems – Somerfield Stores
  • International software licensing arrangement by a world leader in software relating to concrete production and delivery – Command Alkon
  • International software contract negotiations for a world leader in fleet car leasing software – Sofico
  • Acquisition of a database management system – Institute of Physics Publishing
  • The development of health and safety software for a leading information publisher – Barbour Index plc, now a division of the United Business Media Group
  • Various hardware and software acquisitions – Bristol and West Building Society
  • The supply of geospatial software and implementation services to the UK FiReControl project for linking regional fire services – Innogistic, now part of the Civica Group
  • A €1 million contract dispute, including a pre-action application for the disclosure of electronic records in the Technology and Construction Court
  • The implementation of commercial transactions via secure government networks, including the use of public key certificates – UK Cabinet Office