Trademark registration

Your trademark may be your company or product name, a logo, or the shape or colour of your product or its packaging. It is your business badge. It enables customers to tell your products and services from others. It represents your good reputation. It increases your sales, your margins, and the value of your company. So imagine how damaging it would be if another business were to use a trademark that confused customers into buying its products and services instead of yours.

The best way to prevent this is to register your trademark.

Other benefits of registration include:

  • Enforcement is usually quick and inexpensive – a solicitor’s letter is often sufficient
  • You can claim compensation
  • Some activities involving your registered trademark without your permission are criminal offences, which acts as a powerful deterrent to others.

I can help you register your trademark and deal with any of the legal problems which may arise. My fees start from as little as £170 and I will be glad to provide a quotation after we have discussed your situation.

Clearance searches

Because trademark registrations are so powerful, it is important to check the legal position before you start using a new trademark, or start using your existing trademark in a new territory or for different products or services. If you don’t, you may have to have to recall your products, cancel your advertising, and pay damages and legal costs.

I can help you assess and manage these risks.


If you are allowing someone to use your trademark, or you are using someone else’s, you will need a licence. I can help you negotiate it and take care of all the associated legal work.

Examples of previous work

  • Developing a trademark protection strategy for a major publisher of electronic information services – Barbour Index plc, now a division of the United Business Media Group
  • Negotiating complex trademark licences – UK Fire Service College
  • Trademark enforcement (for claimants and defendants)
  • Training solicitors and trademark attorneys in trademark related competition law – Mewburn Ellis