Trademark registration

Your trademark is your business badge: it enables customers to tell your products and services from other people’s and carries your good reputation. It increases your sales, your margins, and the value of your company. It may be your company or product name, a logo, the shape of the product or its packaging, or colours.

Registering your trademark will give you an effective means of stopping other businesses from using anything that is too similar:

  • Registration provides statutory remedies of compensation and an injunction preventing further misuse
  • It criminalises certain unauthorised uses of your trademarks, which acts as a powerful deterrent
  • Trading Standards might take enforcement action at no cost to you.

A UK registration can cost as little as £170 (plus £170 registry fee), but whatever your circumstances are I can help you make the most of your budget and take care of all the legal work for you.

I can also help you enforce your legal rights once your trademark has been registered.

Millions of trademarks have been registered, so it is essential to check the legal position before you start using a new trademark or start using your existing trademark in a new territory or for different products or services: if someone has a relevant registration, you might have to have to recall your products, cancel your advertising,  and pay damages and legal costs. I can help you assess and manage these risks before you commit your time and money.

I can also help you negotiate licensing arrangements and take care of all the associated legal work.

Previous trademark work includes:

  • Developing a trademark protection strategy for a major publisher of electronic information services – Barbour Index plc, now a division of the United Business Media Group
  • Negotiating complex trademark licences – UK Fire Service College
  • Trademark enforcement (for claimants and defendants)
  • Training solicitors and trademark attorneys in trademark related competition law – Mewburn Ellis